PCSS fluid lite – Partikelzähler für Öle

PCSS fluid lite

Particle counter for oils


PCSS fluid lite

Particle counter for oils

PCSS fluid lite – Partikelzähler für Öle

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PCSS fluid lite

The particle counting system PCSS fluid lite is used for counting particles in fluids from pressure pipes and out of bottles. The number of particles is displayed, stored and transmitted to a computer in  16 size classes.

The laser sensor LDS 45/50 is used for contamination control of oils, diesel and kerosene. For the contamination x (drinking water, fluids in the  pharmaceutical and chemical industry)  an LDS 30/30 is available as an option. Concentrations of up to 200.000 p/ml are possible then. The sensor LDS 1/1 is used for monitoring cleaning baths. The sensor can be operated with a higher flow volume. Features of the LDS sensor include high reducibility and good resolution. The  integrated double piston pump works  independent of inlet pressure and viscosity. The particle counter PCSS fluid lite can be operated out of lab bottles, tank systems and pressure pipes.

Markus Klotz GmbH

Evaluation software “Protrend”:

The USB port is used for parameterizing the devices. In addition, the evaluation software “Protrend” allows you to operate a single device. The evaluation software permits single and periodic measurements. Furthermore, it is possible to display single measurements and time courses as result (see also description “Protrend”). The measured data are displayed online and can be retrieved from the data memory  later. An Excel template is available for  exporting the data.

Option: DIN plug for 3 power or voltage outputs and external start (24 VDC)

Markus Klotz GmbH

Areas of application:

Contamination control of fluids (bottle samples or samples from pressure pipes); testing of diesel and kerosene; contamination control of transmission fluids. The measuring  device is for online measurements, for measurements in the lab, and due to its compact design suitable for mobile use on site.
Option: battery operation

Application of PCSS fluid lite particle counter
Application of PCSS fluid lite particle counter
Application of PCSS fluid lite particle counter
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Technical Specifications:

  • Formulas freely definable
  •      Following standards can be applied: ISO 4406 (91/99), NAS 1638, GB 5930-86; GJB-420A-96, GJB-420B, GOST 17216-71, SAE-A6D, SAE-749D, SAE-AS4059E or 16 freely definable size channels (max. 3 formulas can be selected at the device, download and parameterizing via particle X.X or via the evaluation software “Protrend”)
  • Measured value output: PC, display, printer, threshold output, data memory for 600 measurements
  • Software: When using the evaluation software “Protrend” on the PC, several  methods with up to 32 size classes can be applied. The presentation of  measurements is possible as table and diagram (with Excel export)
  • Data memory for 600 measurements
  •   DPS pump: Displacement volume: 10 ml Flushing-measuring volume: 10–1000 ml Inlet pressure: 10 bar;   Option: DMV up to 315 bar Pump in suction or pressure mode through patch field
  • Ambient temperature: 5–40°C
  • Temperature of medium: 0–70°C
  • Power supply: 12 VDC/1 A Friwo plug-in power supply
  • Connection: Minimess (M 16 x 3); 6 mm Ermeto (L)
  • Dimensions PCSS fluid lite (l x b x h): 280 x 130 x 270 mm
  • Accessories: Sample feeder for pressure  application of sample bottles
Markus Klotz GmbH

Particle sensors

LDS 45/50

Flow rate: 30 ml/min

Measuring range: 4-100 µm

Cell dimensions: 450 x 500 µm

Max. conc./ml: 60.000

LDS 30/30

Flow rate: 20 ml/min

Measuring range: 1-400 µm (Latex in Wasser) 4-100 µm (ISOMTD)

Cell dimensions: 300 x 300 µm

Max. conc./ml: 120.000

LDS 1/1

Flow rate: 50 ml/min

Measuring range: 5-500 µm

Cell dimensions: 1.000 x 1.000 µm

Max. conc./ml: 4.000