Partikelzählerbox mit Display – Partikelzähler für Flüssigkeiten

Particle Counter Box with Display

Particle counter for liquids


Particle Counter Box with Display

Particle counter for liquids

Partikelzählerbox mit Display – Partikelzähler für Flüssigkeiten

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Particle Counter Box with Display

The particle counter box has been designed as 3-channel particle counter; it can be used to monitor up to 6 size classes on the display or 16 size classes with “Protrend”. A microcontroller (SPS) allows you to start measurements and read out three particle sizes with the help of a current signal for 4–20 mA (optional: voltage 0–10 V). In addition, a closed contact allows you to query threshold exceeding. On the display up to six freely adjustable size classes can be shown.

Markus Klotz GmbH

Evaluation software “Protrend”:

The USB port is used for parameterizing the devices. In addition, the evaluation software “Protrend” allows you to operate a single device. The evaluation software permits single and periodic measurements. Furthermore, it is possible to display single measurements and time courses as result (see also description “Protrend”). The measured data are displayed online and can be retrieved from the data memory later. An Excel template is available for exporting the data.

Markus Klotz GmbH

Areas of application:

Contamination control of fluids (bottle samples or samples from pressure pipes). The measuring device is suited for online measurements of air and fluids. The compact design allows for mobile use on site.

Typical application areas: particle size analysis; testing of oil and kerosene; monitoring of cleanrooms, cleaning baths, at installations, test benches, in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry; control of drinking water.

Application of Particle Counter Box
Application of Particle Counter Box
Application of Particle Counter Box
Markus Klotz GmbH

Technical Details:

  • 3 current sources 4–20 mA, resolution 15.6 µA
  • With USB port for up to 16 measurement channels
  • Download and parameterizing using Particle X.X or using the evaluation software “Protrend”
  • Maximum count rate: max. 250.000 particles/sec
  • Freely selectable measurement, flushing and pause duration
  • Max. flushing duration = 1 hr, max. measurement duration = 1 hr, max. pause duration = 1 hr
  • Monitoring sensor (standby/operation), monitoring flow (pump)
  • Potential-free contact (threshold)
  • Remote control via SPS
  • for OEM applications
  • Data memory for up to 600 measurements
  • Formulas freely definable
  • Ambient temperature: 5–40°C    
  • Temperature of measured medium:  0–70°C
  • Input voltage range: 12 VDC +/-2 % / 1 A (accessory Friwo-plug-in power supply 12 V/2.5 A)
  • Evaluation software “Protrend” for USB port (option), operation of up to 2 PCB‘s
  • Dimensions (l x w x h), weight: 90 x 125 x 145 mm, 0.75 kg
Markus Klotz GmbH

DLL file for data communication for OEM customers:

 For OEM customers there is a DLL file available for transmitting the measured data. All functions of the box are made available here. The MKLIB library allows access to the USB sensors without having to implement directly the serial protocol with the corresponding HID device. The sensor is adjusted and queried with the help of functions which have been coded in the MKLIB.DLL. 

Markus Klotz GmbH

Particle sensors

LDS 45/50

Flow rate: 50 ml/min

Measuring rang: 1 - 160 µm

Cell dimensions: 450 x 500 µm

Max. concen-tration/mll: 25.000

LDS 328s

Flow rate: 30 ml/min

Measuring rang: 0,9 - 139 µm

Cell dimensions: 300 x 300 µm

Max. concen-tration/mll: 120.000

LDS 1/1

Flow rate: 200 ml/min

Measuring rang: 5-500 µm

Cell dimensions: 1.000 x 1.000 µm

Max. concen-tration/ml: 4.000