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New diagnostic Biochip technology without chips

In medical diagnostics Biochips are used for various purposes to obtain cellular and genetic information, as testing system for protein analysis, for immunological diseases or for testing foodstuff. In all cases we are dealing with two-dimensional matrix whose elements are charged with varying nucleotide sequences (ogligonucleotides) or c-DNA fragments. After hybridization with fluorescence tagged RNA from the sample material only those matrix elements having a certain agreement with the genetic code will show a fluorescence.

Through the application of the modified particle counter “Syringe®” the rigid structure with complicated manufacturing of chips is broken by using small globules of various sizes between 2µm und 150µm which can be accurately measured in-flow by means of laser light. The globules are coated accordingly and depending on the test different size class are hybridized together with the sample material. Allocation is given, since the size and corresponding fluorescence is recorded during each measuring cycle. This method provides a simpler preparation of the globules according to quality criteria, less efforts for testing and a more flexible and customized coordination of the problems to be examined.

Coating of the particles with reaction partners
Coating of the particles with reaction partners
Laser-supported particle measurement
Laser-supported particle measurement