Particle counter for oils

  • Abakus® mobil fluid touch

    The particle measuring system Abakus® mobil fluid with tank (Amf) is used for counting particles in liquids from pressure lines and from bottles.

  • PZG 4

    The sample feeder PZG 4 with the PC insert board PCI and the evaluation software SW-OI and the double piston pump system (DPS) are ...

  • PCSS fluid lite

    The particle counting system PCSS fluid lite is used for counting particles in fluids from pressure pipes and out of bottles.

  • Abakus® mobil fluid classic

    The Abakus® mobil fluid particle counting system with tank (Amf) is used for counting particles from pressure lines and bottles.

  • TCC Particle counter

    The TCC particle counter with LDS 45/50 laser sensor is used as an online monitoring system for hydraulic oils and diesel fuels.

  • Syringe®

    The lab system Syringe® (particle measuring systems for liquids) may be equipped with an additional funnel to determine the residual contamination ...

  • V4A Boxen

    For online monitoring of hydraulic oils , washes, ...

  • Bottle Sampler lite

    For particulate measurement of oils and fuels from bottles and containers in the laboratory.

  • Software

    Software for Particle counter for oils


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Particle counter for oils

Since 1992 the Klotz Company’s main activities have been in the development and manufacture of particle counters for measuring contamination in hydraulic oils, diesel and kerosene.

A further major application is the determination of residual contamination of complete mechanical units and components in flushing and cleaning machinery. The logging of residual contamination may be determined online or in the lab. For the validation of filter elements there are special sensors available as well as software packages for the evaluation of 2 sensors. Through the use of special opto-electronic components – especially in the area of laser technology – the LDS laser sensor can also be applied for the most demanding measuring tasks.

Particle measuring systems for oils
Particle measuring systems for oils

The double piston pump system (DPS) in the portable system Abakus® mobil fluid (Amf) as well as in the lab system PZG 4 provides the best feeding system for the medium. Klotz Company developed the pump system specifically for use in particle counting instruments. If the particle sensor is operated behind the double piston pump, it is possible to measure also very viscous oils up to 1500 mm²/s with the mobile particle counter Abakus® mobile fluid or with the laboratory instrument for bottle samples. By the supply of the oil under high pressure errors caused by gas bubbles are strongly suppressed.

For online measurements, during which up to 256 size classes are determined simultaneously, there is a PC insert board available in connection with the PSS (pump sensor system) or with an individual sensor. For multi-pass applications and/or for the measuring of two sensors there are also software packages available. (SW-MP, SW-DS, SW-KS).

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