USB Box, Auswertebox für LDS Sensoren zum Anschluss an den PC (USB Schnittstelle)


Evaluation unit for LDS sensors for connecting to a PC (USB interface)



Evaluation unit for LDS sensors for connecting to a PC (USB interface)

USB Box, Auswertebox für LDS Sensoren zum Anschluss an den PC (USB Schnittstelle)

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USB box for the operation of LDS sensors for air and liquids

The USB box is the interface and power supply for LDS sensors for particle counting. The analogue particle impulses of the LDS sensors are converted into a digital protocol for transmitting particle sizes and particle numbers to a PC (USB interface). An analogue output or signal output is available for operating at SPS panels or installations. In a simple operating mode 1 - 16 size classes can be transmitted with the box – this is especially suitable for operating several measuring systems at one evaluation system or for lab equipment of all 4096 size classes. An LED display or a signal output signalizes a system error. As an option, the box can be extended with a display and an internal data memory. In this case the system can also be used as mobile device or online measuring unit after parameter configuration (available from December 2012).

Markus Klotz GmbH

Software for parameter configuration of the current inter-
face and the digital switching output for OEM customers

In addition, the box has a voltage output (0-10V, optional: current output 4-20mA) and a switching output. The outputs can be configured with the PC (USB interface). With the parameterization program measuring times, interval times, particle sizes and the end value of the particle number can be set. A particle size within the calibration curve is individually selectable.  

Markus Klotz GmbH

User programs for displaying and storing of measuring data

Following program is available for displaying and storing measuring results: Protrend 1.08: Individual measurements and cyclical measurements of particle number and particle size of up to 2 sensors (see description).

Anwendungsgebiet der USB Box
Anwendungsgebiet der USB Box
Anwendungsgebiet der USB Box
Markus Klotz GmbH

Technical details:

  • General data: Dimensions (W/H/D): 200mm / 60mm / 120mm Weight: 500 g Sensor connector plug: Lemosa 10-pin
  • Ambient conditions : Application area: indoors and outdoors Max. height: up to 2000 m N.N. Ambient temperature: 5 – 40 °C Safety class: IP20 Degree of contamination: 2
  • Power supply: Power supply: 12 V ‹ 1 A Fuse type: T1.6A L250V Surge category: 2 Mains fluctuations: max. +/- 5%
  • Connector: Connector: bipolar Texas connector Pin 1 – Signal: 12 V Pin 2 - Signal: M 
  • Supplements: User program for time measurements (individual measurement, cyclical measurement) Application example (illustration USB counter) Example protocol USB counter Terminal assignment in the USB box Programing tool MKLIB (DLL file for data transfer) version February 2012 External pin assignment (illustration with labeling) Control protocol PC – USB box USB counter with display and data memory, optional: pump from December 2012 
Markus Klotz GmbH

DLL file for data communication for OEM customers

For OEM customers there is a DLL file available for transmitting the measuring data. All functions of the box are made available here. The MKLIB library allows access to the USB sensors without having to directly implement the serial protocol with the corresponding HID unit. With the help of functions, which are encoded in the MKLIB.DLL, the sensor is set and queried. Following data is required:

  • mklib.DILL  library with implemented functionality
  • mklib.lib  import library for C/C++ applications
  • mklib.h  C/C++ header file, definitions of values and declarations of structures and functions

For other programming languages like Delphi or Visual Basic it makes sense to translate all definitions from the file mklib.h into the corresponding target language (mklib.pas or mklib.vb). See supplement: programming handbook MKLIB-DLL 

Markus Klotz GmbH


LDS 45/50

Flow rate: 50 ml/min

Measuring range: 1 - 160 µm

Cell dimensions: 450 x 500 µm

Max. Conc./mll: 25.000

LDS 328s

Flow rate: 30 ml/min

Measuring range : 0,9 - 139 µm

Cell dimensions: 300 x 300 µm 

Max. Conc./ml: 120.000

LDS 1/1

Flow rate: 200 ml/min

Measuring range : 5-500 µm

Cell dimensions: 1.000 x 1.000 µm 

Max. Conc./ml: 4.000